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Anchorage 1 day tour including Portage Glacier. $180



[Itinerary Features]

  • Autumn Aurora Tour starts on Sept. 2nd 2017:  For this year, we will chase Alaska’s Autumn aurora starting on Sept. 2nd for 9 days.

  • Chasing northern lights aggressively: Using scientific resources along with our familiarity with Alaskan geography, we will select the best time of the week to drive you to the optimum locations for viewing aurora in remote and non-light-polluted areas close to Fairbanks.  In other times, we will stay in Anchorage which is more magnificent in scenery, 20 degrees Celsius higher in winter average temperature and 2 hours longer daylight hours .

  • An local Alaskan tour company: Our local tour guides  understand everything about Alaska.  Other travel companies, they will only assign a tour manager who is even not fluent in English and unfamiliar with Alaska to a tour group.  How can they help tourists to understand Alaska?  Also, we are a local tour company, we can support any urgent needs of our  tour groups locally and efficiently.

  • Distinct itineraries: Unlike other tour companies, who have been using the standard same itineraries for 10, 20 years, we design and update our itineraries frequently.

  • Small tour group as low as 8: We only require as few as 8 people to form a tour group.  Since the group is small, the relationship atmosphere among tourists is more casual and friendly, and makes the itinerary more customized and flexible.

  • Option to purchase your own air tickets: This makes your vacation more flexible: you can extend your vacation days either in the US or Japan for sightseeing or for meeting with friends.


[A suggested itinerary]

Day 1   Anchorage

We arrive at the largest city of  “the last frontier”, Anchorage.  With temperatures lower than minus 10 degrees Celsius in winter, this is the most northern Metropolis and closest to the Arctic Ocean in the entire United States.  A tour bus will pick up you at airport and drive you to our hotel with brief introduction about the city, to rest and prepare for a wonderful and tight itinerary in the coming days.

Overnight in Anchorage.


Day 2 Anchorage city tour–Captain Cook statue–Seward Highway–AWCC–Exit Glacier–Seward


In the morning, we will get on the bus for a City Tour. The first stop is a visit  to the Alaska National Park and Conservation Center.  There we will watch the films about Alaska’s magnificent mountains and rivers, forests, glaciers, lakes, oceans and other natural landscapes, and listen to professional narration.

The next spot is the Earthquake Park that records the historical scars from the big Alaska earthquake in 1964, which is counted as the second largest earthquake in history.
Then,we will get on the Seward Highway, known as one of the U.S. National Scenic Byway and voted as the nation’s No.1 for All American Highway in 2000 by the US Department of Transportation.    We will stop at the Potter Marsh, Beluga Viewpoint and Bird viewpoint for taking pictures. We will then proceed to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Next stop will be the only land accessible glacier in entire Kenai Fjords national park–Exit Glacier. After that, it will take about another 20 minutes to arrive Seward.

Overnight in Seward。


Day 3   Seward – Kenai Fiord National Park– Anchorage


Today, we will spend whole day in the Kenai Fjords National Park on a cruise ship for 6 hours at sea to cruise the national park for 120 miles, to view the spectacular landscape of glaciers and abundant marine animals along the way, such as groups of whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, and a variety of and a large number of boreal waterfowl. The captain is good at locating a variety of wild marine animals and waterfowl, and narrating their characteristics. The ship provides a simple lunch. After leaving the cruise, we will be driven more than three hours back to Anchorage.

Overnight in Anchorage.

Day 4   Anchorage—Talkeetna–Denali National   Park


Starting in early morning, we will head for the famous Denali National Park ($306 if you choose Alaska Railroad leaving 8:00am).  We will drive near-by a town called Talkeetna, which is located 150KM south of Mt.McKinley with population of 740. It was the harvest exchange market for old time miners and trappers. The is flat, however separated by 3 rivers, the Mt. McKinley (6,194Mhigh, the highest on entire North America Continent), second highest Mt. Froaker (5,303M) and Mt. Hunter (4,442M) stretch hundreds of miles, consisting of Alaska Mountain Range capped with tens of thousand years ice field, which is never melt.  Its vast and magnificent scenery is shocking.  We will travel through vast green taiga forest, various colorful wildflowers and countless lakes, rivers, canyons, bridges on the stretched several hundreds miles of snow capped Alaska Mountain Range; it is the awesome world class scenery.  At 3:45 PM, we will arrive the entrance of the Denali National Park.  We can take a preliminary glimpse of the Mountain to get prepared for entering the park tomorrow.


Overnight in Denali


Day 5   Denali National Park–tundra tour–Eilson center–Wonder Lake


Waking up in early morning, we will catch the only park bus to terminal Kantishina, which can stop anywhere if you flag your hand. Along the way, we may meet grizzly bear, Moose and Caribou and many other arctic wildlifes on the tundra.  The next stop will be Eielson Visit Center, from there we can view the Mt.McKinley from the north side.
We will stay in the vast, beautiful and geographically rich park entire day.  We will take the park bus to the WonderLake; from the lake shore, you can view the reflection of magnificent Mt.McKinley on the mirror-like lake surface.  Afterwards, we will take off the bus to have hikings on selected trails to get a close look at the arctic tundra and some 750 species of arctic wildflowers and may encounter some wildlife animails.


Overnight at Denali


Day 6 Denali National Park—George park monument–Morris Thompson culture center–chase aurora–Fairbanks


After breakfast, we will drive directly torward the second largest city in Alaska—Fairbanks. We can notice that the natural scenery changes along the highway. Rocky Mountain originates from southern tip of South America Continent at the boundary of Chili and Argentina, then it stretches northward through Brasil,Central America. After that it goes into the state of New Mexico,Utah,Colorado,Wyoming and Montana respectively of the USA. It keep streching north through eastern Canada, finally it enters Alaska and ends exactly at the Mt.McKinley, which is also the highest point of the Rocky Mountain Range. After the Mt.McKinley, the geographical formation becomes flatten until it hits the Arctic Ocean.  This area is called tundra.
Around lunch time, we will arrive the Fairbanks and have a lunch here.  After lunch, we will visit the Thompson Morris Culture and visit Center, which demostrats the all ethnic group cultures, natural scenery and the varieties of all season. They will play the film introducing about the formation of aurora.  The Center also sells various souvonirs, books. Their price and quality are usually better the stores on streets.
At 9:30PM, we will get ourselves warmly dressed with camera and tripod ready for our final goal after traveling hundreds miles–chasing the northern lights! And come back to hotel around 3:00am.


Overnight in Fairbanks.


Day 7   Fairbanks–Boat Disovery–chase aurora–Fairbanks


Since we went to bed late, we will rest in hotel until noon. Right after lunch, we will board the ancient American ship to cruise the Fairbanks through the beautiful Chenna River, the tour guide will take us deep into a Indian village to understand their culture and life.
At 9:30PM, we will get ourselves warmly dressed with camera and tripod ready again for chasing the northern lights! Come back to hotel around 3:00am.


Overnight in Fairbanks.


Day 8 Fairbanks–Cross the Arctic Circle–Fairbanks


Right after lunch, our bus will ride us to the so-called the most risky highway in the USA–Dalton Highway.  The bus is particularly designed for travel along a very rugged highway into hundred square miles of wildflower ridge called Dalton Highway. The highway was originally designed for building the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipe-line, on which hundreds of miles of road surface is unpaved and full with palm-sized gravels, any of which can spear into a regular tire easily.  Both sides of the highway are blanked with a gorgeous layer of red follower called fireweed. The bus will take us cross the Arctic Circle. And after that everyone gets a certificate to prove his crossing Arctic Circle adventure.  This is a kind of new experience in your life.
This is a 14 hours tough traveling on rough highway, we will be able to chase aurora almost entire night!


Overnight in Fairbanks.


Day 9 Fairbanks–city tour–Fairbanks airport 


Right after lunch, we will have city tour around Fairbanks.  Then we will go to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus house and get some gifts from him (with fee). Afterwards, we will take everyone to Fairbanks airport and farewell to the Alaska with hands full of souvenirs bought and the everlasting memories from “The Last Frontier”.

Overnight in airplane


The main purpose of this trip is to view aurora. Aurora is generated by striking the various of gases on the atmosphere around earth with charged particles blown from the sun. Although the US Outer Space Broadcast Center predicts the solar wind accurately, like the forecasts on hurricanes, forecasts for the path and strength on the solar wind are sometimes off; or sometimes, the cloud is too thick or even a snowstorm.  They all affect the viewing of aurora, so we can’t guarantee the tour will experience it. However, by employing some scientific measures like forecasts of solar wind and weather, along with our expertise on finding the optimal spots, we have much higher chance of viewing the aurora than other tour companies. Based on past experiences, we have more than 90% chance of finding it.



[Registration Steps]

1. Please CLICK HERE to see the tour schedule. Find the date of departure and tour name, and fill the Registration Form.
2. Wait for our proposed itinerary and quote.
3. Email us for our banking information and wire the money to us.
4. Purchase your air tickets to Anchorage.
5. Email us the wired money, arrival time and the flight number.
6. After we receive your wire, we will confirm the registration.


1. The tour cost includes accommodations, tour bus insurance, transportation to and from airport, tour bus, driver and tour guide.

2. The tour cost does not include fee items, tip($10 per day per person), tourist insurance(recommended).

3. The quote is for double occupancy.

4. Transportation to and from airport is available between 9:00AM – 9:00PM. For other times, please take a taxi to the Hotel, which is about $20.

5. To maintain a smooth itinerary, and due to current weather conditions and other reasons, the order of itinerary could be adjusted .

6. On Day 8, the Dalton Highway is a 14 hours long and hard trip which can be replaced by Chena Hotsprings Resort, another perfect spot for chasing aurora, by driver based on whether, guests physical condition or other safety reason.

7. Fee items are subject to change without notice.
Fee Items:
1. Kenai Fjords national park 6 hours cruise: $180
2. Denali national park admission and park bus to terminal Kantishina: $65
3. Boat Discovery: $65

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